Russian Internet Governance Forum at a glance

Russian Internet Governance Forum is an event hosted by Coordination Center for TLD RU and supported by Ministry of Communications of Russia. Held in Moscow, Russia, the event will take place in Moscow's massive Expocenter at Krasnaya Presnya on May 12, 2011.


The Forum is held annually, and will see its second opening in 2011. In 2010, Russian Internet Governance Forum was a first global domain industry event to be held in Russia and Eastern Europe, becoming a part of regionally held IGF's.

IGF meetings aim to provide a meeting point for industry experts, business and government representatives. First regional Forum held in Russia gathered more than 500 professionals; over 100 participants came from countries other than Russia.

The Forum proved to be a highly effective way of communication: almost every meeting had its share of dialogues between government, businesses and society. RIGF's ultimate goal was to connect people and industries, and it was definitely what we did achieve in 2010.

A number of significant industry experts and political figures had participated in RIGF meetings: the members of State Duma, Russia's Minister of Communications I. Shchegolev, U.S. NTIA administrator Lawrence E. Strickling and aide to Russian State Security Secretary V. Scherstyuk to name a few. The list of guests also included some key representatives of worldwide Internet industry from CCTLD RU, ICANN, Mail.ru, Yandex and many other valuable contributors.

The draft Resolution “Promoting the concept of multistakeholderism and international cooperation for further Internet development” was worked out by the participants of  RIGF 2010.

RIGF 2011

Russian Internet Governance Forum is an event where all professional views can be brought to attention and discussed. We aim to find a consensus between government agencies, telecommunications industry, businesses and society, leading to successful results in Russia and worldwide. Forum is to become a starting point for many collaborations in which Russian Internet experts could take part among with their international colleagues.

Plenary meetings, roundtable sessions and panel discussions will provide a most versatile environment for collaboration on many topical issues. All Forum events are open for media to participate.

You can learn more, plan your journey to the Forum or register as a media representative at russia2011.intgov.ru/en/