RIGF-2011: russia can play a pivotal role in the internet governance

The 2nd Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF-2011) held on 12 May 2011 in Moscow in Expocentr Krasnaya Presnya is now over. Read more 


RIGF-2011 has opened

On 12 May 2011, the 2nd Russian Internet Governance Forum opened in Expocentr Krasnaya Presnya. The event is co-hosted by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU and the RF Ministry of Telecommunications and Mass Media. Read more 


Rod Beckstrom sent to the RIGF’s participants a welcoming address

On 12 May 2011 the 2nd Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF-2011) is to open at Expocentr Krasnaya Presnya. On the eve of the Forum, Rod Beckstrom, the ICANN President and CEO, sent to its participants a welcoming address. Read more 


The Second Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF-2011)

The 2nd Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF-2011) is to take place on 12 May 2011 at Expocentr Krasnaya Presnya in Moscow. Read more 


Victor Vekselberg, the president of “Skolkovo”, highly appreciates potential of GTLD .SKOLKOVO

A prospective delegation of yet another top level domain .skolkovo to Russia stirs a great interest in the Internet community. Read more 


New GTLD .skolkovo is set for registration as soon as possible

On 5 March 2011 the Skolkovo Foundation, dispatched a letter to ICANN wherein it expressed its intension to register gTLD .skolkovo. Read more