Welcoming Address to the Participants of the Second Russian Internet Governance Forum

In an address to the RIGF, Markus Kummer, the Internet Society’s Vice-President of Public Policy, emphasised that the Internet owes its success as a vital social and economic tool to its unique model of development and deployment.

Based on a common set of values, particularly openness and transparency, the Internet model is largely characterised by multi-stakeholder engagement as well as a collaborative approach and respect for both the individual and the public interest, Mr Kummer said.

“We must not forget that multi-stakeholder governance has made the Internet what it is today. Without the involvement of a broad range of participants in tandem with open, transparent and collaborative processes, the Internet is unlikely to flourish in a way that would be for the good of all,” he said.

“Put simply, we just cannot afford to take the Internet for granted. That would be to risk so much, in both social and economic terms,” he said.

Mr Kummer said the various organisations and communities charged with guiding the operation and development of global Internet technologies infrastructure all have a crucial role to play in ensuring the healthy development of the Internet.

Markus Kummer,
Vice President for Public Policy, ISOC